Welcome to My Blog!

Hi! My name is Violet and this is my blog! This blog is about ways of reducing use of plastic, and trash in general. Hopefully in cool ways that are fun! We will find where to shop in bulk, make fun recipes from scratch for the week, (instead of take-out at stores), make homemade dog treats, make our own beauty products, as well as our own reusable bags, etc., etc. We can also do fun art projects using recycled found objects. Sounds weird about the upcycled art but there are famous pieces of art in museums and aquariums, using found trash. We will also learn facts about plastic pollution. Why this effort? Americans produce 250 tons of trash per year, and only 34% of that is recycled, and we are running out of room in landfills and the government doesn’t know where to put it so they just dump it in the ocean, which to me is really unfair, because all the animals in the ocean are suffering from what we caused and they are dying from it and that’s not ok. 

With this blog, I want to show people how to reduce their plastic and trash, even if it’s a few people, it will make some difference, hopefully. Our path doesn’t have to be perfect, but if as many people as possible, made a small effort, we could change the world!

Unfortunately, most people in the world don’t care about this, its too much work to worry about it and just use plastic bags or buy food to go without thinking of how much harm they are causing, but I want my kids and future generations to live in a world with ocean life and clean air. 

Please follow my blog and help me save our ocean life and understand that this is a big problem. This won’t be all boring, I’ll show how to make homemade potato chips and crafty ways of recycling. This is directed at teens, so I will try to make it interesting.

To me, if one person can make a difference, why not share their ways with other people to make a bigger difference, ya know? So I hope you find my blog interesting and please help me!!!!! Thank you, and I hope you enjoy my blog! 

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