Restyling Old T-shirts

Did you know that fashion is the second biggest polluter in the world? (Okay, some blogs say it isn’t – but no matter what, it was always in the top 5). That’s bad!

Here is an excellent page on the impact of the fashion industry from Sustain Your Style. Here is a quick quote:

The apparel industry accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions. The global fashion industry is generating a lot of greenhouse gases due to the energy used during its production, manufacturing, and transportation of the millions garments purchased each year.

Synthetic fibers (polyester, acrylic, nylon, etc.), used in the majority of our clothes, are made from fossil fuel, making production much more energy-intensive than with natural fibers.

Most of our clothes are produced in China, Bangladesh, or India, countries essentially powered by coal. This is the dirtiest type of energy in terms of carbon emissions.  

One thing we can do is wear used clothing. Besides shopping at thrift stores, you never know what your parents have in their closet!

Below are instructions on how to cut an oversized T-shirt to make it look cute and trendy. (This was a men’s large).

All done! I am also wearing my mom’s belt that she’s had since forever…

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