Shopping at Bulk Stores!

There is a store in Los Angeles called Sustain LA, (<– go check them out!!) where you can shop in bulk. They have lotion, hair products, laundry detergent, spices, and more! I know that there’s not a lot of stores like this all over the world, but if you live anywhere near LA, I suggest checking this place out! If not, you can always research stores like this and try to find one in your area! But if there aren’t any stores like that near you, you can always go to grocery stores with bulk aisles, like Whole Foods and Sprouts.

I love sustain LA, because they have cute jars and other little container for your bulk items, but you can also bring your own jars. They also have all types of soaps – dish soap, laundry soap, and a lot of diffrent types of lotions and shampoos/conditioners. They also have sets of reusable forks and spoons, metal straws, facial/body soaps, and reusable bags.

There is also a place called Wild Terra, that is just around the corner. I got some Blue Butterfly powder there, which I used to make a smoothie bowl. I also got activated charcoal and bentonite clay there, which is what I used to make the face masks. Also some food-related items like teas, spices, and the powders for smoothies, etc. They have a lot of items that you would use, if you wanted to make your own soap and shampoo. (Borax, beeswax, etc.)

I once went there to go shopping, and we made NO waste at all! We had our own bags and jars. If everyone went to places like this regularly, it could make such a difference with the amount of bottles that end up in the landfill!

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