Upcycled Art Project from Cans

I recently worked on an upcycled art project, and it was really fun! It was actually a mobile, to hang in the garden. We had a lot of empty soda cans, and instead of recycling them, I though we should make art out of them! After researching different upcycled art projects, I picked out this one (click here to see the full page with instructions). It involved cutting the cans into butterfly shapes, and making a mobile. My mom helped me build the hanger part, and I cut the cans. After I was done I put string through them and attached the string to the hanger. It looks really cool, it was a good idea!

If you have some free time and want some new decorations, I really recommend making upcycled art. Actually, upcycling is a great way to decorate and give gifts over the holidays! You can look up up-cycled art and get some good ideas. Another idea I saw was painting old soup cans and painting them, and then filling it with soil and planting something in it. That could be fun for little kids! But really, up-cycled art is fun for everyone. 🙂

Here is the link to my Pinterest upcycling page. There is some very detailed work on there, but also some easier ideas.

Did you know that most of your recycling isn’t even recycled? Apparently only 9% of Americas plastic is recycled. So thats 91% that isn’t recycled. But what happens to all of that trash? All of Americas recycling is dumped in China, and China is sick of having to take care of our recycling. America recycles 66 million materials every year, and China is running out of room. They can only handle a small portion of it. So the rest is dumped in China’s landfills to decompose, and now its stacking up. Because may I remind you, it takes 450 years for plastic to decompose. Some plastic water bottles even take 1,000 years!!!

So, making art is definitely a fun thing to do with so much garbage!

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