Can Teens Be Zero Waste? My Video

I’ve made a video for my Silver Award that talks about different ways that teens can use less waste, in easy, fun, and creative ways. As teens, we are still kids – but we are old enough to have opinions, make some decisions for ourselves, and old enough to get an allowance or get jobs! How we use our money, matters. Not only that, but we can educate ourselves, and share that information with our family. (Like asking your parents to spend $5 on reusable produce bags can save HUNDREDS of plastic bags a year with just your family alone!) Anyway, I hope my video gives you guys some ideas!

So in my video, the different things teens can do to use less waste are:

  • Always use a reusable water bottle,
  • Bring your own reusable straws and utensils to restaurants/always have with you,
  • bring your own reusable Starbucks cup to Starbucks,
  • if you go to a party, make your own cookies to bring
  • make your own snacks for the week
  • cook your own food for the week
  • bring your own lunch to school with reusable containers
  • learn how to shop in bulk
  • ask your parents to buy reusable produce bags
  • find eco friendly shops at the mall
  • go to farmers markets, refashion old clothes
  • make your own beauty products,
  • order ice cream in a cone, not a cup,
  • volunteer with organizations that care about zero waste or the environment
  • you can write your representatives for stricter environmental laws.

Some things I did not include in my video, but other ideas:
(All stuff I’ve done but didn’t have time to include in my video!)

  • Host a clean up at a park or hiking trail with your friends
  • Make your own dog/cat/pet treats
  • Make upcycled art
  • See if your parents want to compost?
  • Ask your parents about refillable shopping options
  • Make my own presents to give as gifts
  • Make my own greeting cards
  • Join a protest about climate change.

Any other ideas?

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