The Switch List

What I use in day, and how we’ll switch: (This list is constantly being worked on!)
Besides online options, see if there is a “refill” place near you.  For us in L.A., we have Sustain L.A. that provides many refillable zero waste products. Check our resource page for all the shopping options.

(Note: We are unaffiliated with any companies linked on this page, and do not benefit from them in any way, whether Amazon or other companies. Just sharing where we get stuff!)

 ** = zero waste/ * = plastic free


Grocery Shopping

*Our favorite most convenient shopping bags
We shop at Sprouts, but the great blog Litterless has a search bar for finding a bulk store near you!

Food Recipes

Interesting Fact! has a whole DIY page filled with recipes for things like butter, ketchup. wonton wrappers, biscuits, pasta, wine, etc.

Cleaning Products

Home Stuff

Out and About